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Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić

Program manager

The founder and head of the lifelong learning program “The Camping Resort Management”. She is the head and initiator of the establishment of the future European graduate study “Sustainable Camping Management” which is the first of its kind in Europe. It has been co-financed through the Erasmus + program by the European Commission for its uniqueness and innovation.

Zdenko Cerović


A manager is a leader, and to be a leader means knowing how to lead and motivate your team to achieve more and better results which would give sense of satisfaction with one’s own achievements. A vivid introductory lecture given by the esteemed professor acquaints the participants with the world of camping management.

Sandra Janković


Managerial reporting is the foundation of wise and successful business decisions! During the lectures, participants will be acquainted with the basics of daily and monthly reporting in the camps and will be able to read and interpret them with the help of practical exercises.

Marina Dukić

Guest Lecturer

Marina is the most famous animator in Croatia, the winner of the Man is the Key to Success in Tourism Award, as well as the head of animation teams in some of the best and largest camps in Croatia. She acquaints the students with the secrets of her craft at first hand

Saša Petković


Saša is a marketing expert and comes from one of the leading agencies in the Online Marketing segment in the region which is Google’s Premier Partner and he is also a participant in Google Analytics Certified Partner programs. He shares with participants all the secrets of digital marketing in a camping resort.

Marija Vukelić

Guest Lecturer

She will share with the attendees her rich experience in Revenue Management which she has been  building at Valamar company that manages 15 camps. It is the place where she works as a Revenue Manager for the destination of Krk  (5 camps).

Frane Skoblar


In parallel with his formal education, he has been acquiring practical knowledge while working at the Zaton Holiday Resort in the domain of reception, sales, marketing, and currently he holds the position of marketing manager. Attendees will learn sales skills at a camping resort, with special emphasis on online sales.

Vlaho Mihač

Guest Lecturer

He works at the world-famous company PHOBS, which deals with innovative solutions for improving sales in tourism and hospitality. He works there with numerous clients from Croatia and all over the world in the Customer Support Department.

Alen Salamun

Guest Lecturer

Alen is the founder of the largest Croatian Online Travel Agency specialized in camping and he is a successful entrepreneur in camping mediation. He shares with the participants his extensive experience of online promotion and sale of camping capacities via the Internet and the contact center.

Lana Božović

Guest Lecturer

Lana has professionalized Camp Management in her own Company through many years of experience and will familiarize the participants with the challenges of management in small camps.

Nenad Škuflić


He has been the director of Maistra Camping since 2014, with extensive experience in both camp operations and investments. In 2008, he entered the camping segment working his way up from the head of reception, through the position of the head of call centre and the director of the  Koversade and Polari camps, to today’s position. The favourite lecturer on the subject Camp Operations who will be pleased to answer any questions the participants may have.

Klemen Hren

Guest Lecturer

The founder and long-term manager of the largest camping portal in Slovenia: www.avtocampi.si. He will familiarize the participant with characteristics of the Slovenian camping market.

Denis Babić

Guest Lecturer

He works at the Croatian Camping Association where he organizes events performances and study trips that the Croatian Camping Association  conducts for its members. He will share his experiences with the participants as he, too, was a participant in this program!

Adriano Palman

Guest Lecturer

A long-term successful director of the Croatian Camping Association with experience in promoting Croatian camping. The Croatian Camping Association runs the only and the largest camping portal in Croatia and social networks. He also conducts numerous marketing activities that the program participants will be introduced to.

Tihomir Nikolaš


A long-term director and board member specialized in large investment projects such as the largest hotels and camps in Croatia. He will try to make it a little bit easier for participants to cope with the complex urban regulations in Croatia.

Ines Milohnić

Course Director and Lecturer

A professor who has been into management for many years now will teach the participants the specifics of event management and she will reveal the challenges of organizing and creating events with the use of practical examples.

Nevena Tolanov

Guest Lecturer

Human potentials are the most important resource of every company, this is true for the camping resort, too. An expert and long-term head of the human resources department, she teaches the basics of selecting the best employees in a camping resort.

Flavio Gregorović


He has built a prolific business career in Uljanik, Heliyachts and Rockwool-Adriatic, where he worked as a Production Manager. He is employed in the company Valamar Riviera d.d. as the Director of the technical sector in charge of technical maintenance, horticulture, environmental protection, occupational safety and fire protection as well as of investments in the field of energy and infrastructure.


Basics of Camping Tourism Management

  • Zdenko Cerović, Ph.D., Full Professor with tenure

  • Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić, Ph.D., Assistant professor


  • Course Director and Lecturer:
    – Sandra Janković, Ph.D., Full Professor with tenure
  • Guest Lecturer:
    – Davorka Peruško Stipić: Istria IT Engineering, Pula:
    – Preparation of documentation for managerial reporting
    – Founder and director of the largest company that designs and implements quality information systems in tourism and hospitality. Attendees will learn how to prepare data for quality management reporting and also how to read and interpret the power of practical exercises.


  • Course Director:
    Dina Lončarić, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Lecturer:
    – Frane Skoblar
  • Guest Lecturers:
    – Marija Vukelić: Revenue Management in Camping Resorts

    – Alen Salomon:
    The role of agencies in the sales of camps
    – Vlaho Mihač: The role of channel managers in the sales of campsite capacities


  • Course Director:
    -Dina Lončarić, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Lecturer:
    – Saša Petković
  • Guest Lecturers:
    – Adriano Palman
    – Denis Babić

Caming resort operation

  • Course Director:
    – David Poropat, Ph.D.
  • Lecturer:
    – Nenad Škuflić, MSc
  • Guest Lecturers:
    – Nataša Radešić, Head receptionist of the Premium Camping Resort Lanterna, Valamar, Poreč: Organization and the role of the reception in a large camp.
    – Head of reception of the largest camp in Croatia, with more than 70 employees at the reception alone, will familiarize  participants with the organization of the reception and all the specifics concerning the work at the reception in a large camp.

    Kristina Kukrika, a Housekeeper at the campsite Polari, Maistra, Rovinj: The role and organization of the household in camping resort.

Customer Satisfaction Management

  • Course Director:
    – Vlado Galičić, Ph.D., Full Professor with tenure
  • Lecturer:
    – Marina Laškarin Ažić, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
    – Assistant professor and expert in the field of customer satisfaction management will familiarize participants with proactive and reactive methods of customer satisfaction management with an emphasis on communication and negotiation skills.

Safety, Maintenance and Sustainable Development Management

  • Course Director:
    – Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić, Ph.D., Assistant professor
  • Lecturer:
    – Flavio Gregorović
  • Gost predavač:

Event Management

  • Course Dircetor and Lecturer:
    – Ines Milohnić, Full Professor with tenure
  • Guest Lecturer:
    – Marina Dukić: Animation director at Aminess Hotels & Resorts

Investment Projects

  • Course Director and Lecturer:
    Marko Perić, Ph.D., Associate professor
    – A well – known professor as well as the author of numerous investment researches in tourism and hospirtality.  He will acquaint the participants with the method of making an investment research in the camp.

  • Lecturer:
    – Tihomir Nikolaš

  • Guest Lecturers:
    Vlastimir Ivančić
    – One of the most experienced IT experts concerning tourism in Croatia will teach users the complex challenges of building an IT system in a camping resort.
    Ivan Plemenčić
    An Architect and the owner of an architectural studio. He undertakes some of the most creative camping-related design projects in Croatia. He will acquaint participants with the process of planning and creating of  such projects.

Learn from the best

Join our program and start building the most sought-after career on the market. We have ensured that each lecture is easy to understand and that all attendees reach the same level of knowledge of the required skills in the world of camping.


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