About the Program

About the aim of the program and for whom is the program intended…


The 14th – 25th of February, 2022


10 ECTS credits


Working days

Field study

The 22th – 24th of March, 2022

Features of the Program

  • The first lifelong learning program in Camping Management in Croatia.
  • Well-respected professors of the Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality and many experienced lecturers with years of practice experience
  • Individual approach to candidates and individual goal orientation
  • Learning from the best examples in practice from experts of reputable and successful Croatian Companies
  • Emphasis on the implementation of the latest trends in the field of camping services

Aim of the program and for whom is it intended

  • Acquisition of additional specialist knowledge of the modern camping resort management
  • It is recommended to everyone wanting to start their own projects in camping tourism
  • Dissemination and improvement of camping knowledge and strengthening of entrepreneurial activities
  • It is tailored to the interests of both potential or existing entrepreneurs in camping tourism
  • Special emphasis is placed on future entrepreneurs in camping tourism

What do we learn?

  • Basics of Camping Service management
  • Management Reporting with practical examples
  • Marketing in Camps with a guest lecturer on the topic of digital marketing
  • Sales in Camps with guest lecturers on the topic of dynamic pricing
  • Operations in the Camping Resort with guest lecturers concerning the practice of individual departments in the camp
  • Customer Satisfaction Management with a guest lecturer in the field of human resources
  • Safety, Maintenance and Sustainable Development Management with an emphasis on new trends and technologies in the camping resort
  • Event Management with a guest lecturer from the field of camping experience
  • Investment Projects in a camping resort with an emphasis on making a Camp Master Plan

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to understand the basics of camping management and organization of camping tourism in the world and in Croatia
  • Ability to monitor the business affairs of campsites through Key Performance Indicators
  • Getting to know the basics of marketing and sales of camping service
  • Ability to actively participate in the implementation of standard operating procedures of individual departments in the camping resort
  • Ability to communicate properly and comprehend the basics of experience management
  • Ability to implement maintenance, safety management procedures and to be acquainted with the basics of sustainable development management of the camp
  • Ability to identify IT systems in the camp business affairs
  • To be able to create an investment program for investment in the camp and to understand the master planning trends and trends in design of camps and camping services

Learn from the best

Danijela Bošnjak

Dario Buršić

Learn from the best

Join our program and start building the most sought-after career on the market. We have ensured that each lecture is easy to understand and that all attendees reach the same level of knowledge of the required skills in the world of camping.


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