Educate yourself to become a top manager in a camping resort!

Applications in progress!

Educate yourself to become a top manager in a camping resort!

Applications in progress!

Camping Resort Management

A program for managers, owners and entrepreneurs in camping tourism: 10 ECTS credits, 60 teaching hours, field study in a 5* camp, excellent practice lecturers.

Would you like to start and successfully run your own unique camp? Or you prefer to realize your dream of glamping and successfully sell your outstanding camping service? Maybe you would like to run a small boutique camp? Or be a proud and educated part of the management team in a camping resort, perhaps in one of the many camping industries or related activities? Would you like to deepen your knowledge, gain experience, meet colleagues, friends and future associates? Moreover, to learn from the experiences of the best in the profession?

"I would recommend the Camping Resort Management Program to anyone in some way related to the camping segment, either directly or indirectly. Given the rapid changes in trends in this segment nowadays, the education, being informed and network within all parts of the camping business is of the utmost importance, and it's exactly what this program offers. Regardless of my existing experience, both in tourist resorts and in camps, participation in this program has opened up new perspectives and levels for me in terms of the direction which I would personally like to undertake for my development and the contribution to my company."
Sandra Kopić
Director of Camping Stella Maris, Plava laguna d.d.

Learn from the best...

Josipa Cvelić Bonifačić

Head of Programme

The founder and head of the lifelong learning program “The Camping Resort Management”. She is the head and initiator of the establishment of the future European graduate study “Sustainable Camping Management” which is the first of its kind in Europe. It has been co-financed through the Erasmus + program by the European Commission for its uniqueness and innovation.

Nenad Škuflić


He has been the director of Maistra Camping since 2014, with extensive experience in both camp operations and investments. In 2008, he entered the camping segment working his way up from the head of reception, through the position of the head of call centre and the director of the  Koversade and Polari camps, to today’s position. The favourite lecturer on the subject Camp Operations who will be pleased to answer any questions the participants may have.

Flavio Gregorović


He has built a prolific business career in Uljanik, Heliyachts and Rockwool-Adriatic, where he worked as a Production Manager. He is employed in the company Valamar Riviera d.d. as the Director of the technical sector in charge of technical maintenance, horticulture, environmental protection, occupational safety and fire protection as well as of investments in the field of energy and infrastructure.

Available soon…

How to start a small camping / glamping?

Program for camping entrepreneurs which will be conducted exclusively online.

Award to best participant

The program is carried out in co-operation with the Croatian Camping Association, which rewards the most successful participant with a weekend stay in a mobile home

Learn from the best

Join our program and start building the most sought-after career on the market. We have ensured that each lecture is easy to understand and that all attendees reach the same level of knowledge of the required skills in the world of camping.


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